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The BC Council of Garden Clubs represents garden clubs, allotment and community gardens in British Columbia, Canada. The BC Council of Garden Clubs was founded in 1943 with purpose of speaking with a unified voice for horticulture and to further the interest in conservation, horticulture and civic beautification in British Columbia.

Gardening clubs and organizations from across BC joined forces to promote the benefits and joys of Horticulture and Floral Art. Whether it be for the weekend gardener puttering in their backyard, the condo dweller with their plot in an allotment garden or the apartment tenant with their balcony garden, the specialty plant enthusiast, the Floral Art designer or the serious horticulture student, there is a club which can help make the gardening experience more rewarding.

The Council hosts an Annual General Meeting in the Spring and a General Meeting in the Fall. This provides an opportunity for member clubs to meet and exchange information, renew acquaintances and listen to great speakers on a number of topics relating to horticulture. Our member garden clubs offer information from hands-on experts and the friendship of like-minded people, take part in flower shows, learn about flower arranging, learn about bees, birds and the conservation and study of nature and much more.

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