BCCGC Executive Board

The BCCGC is organized by Volunteers.

Of those Volunteers, the 3 Executive Board Members are elected at the AGM in the Spring, for two year terms. The Executive Board consists of the President, Secretary, and 2nd Vice President, elected in odd-numbered years. The 1st Vice-President, Treasurer and Communication Coordinator are elected in even-numbered years. Each of these are Voting Members.

The Scholarship Fund Members are also part of the Executive, with the Chair of the Committee being the Voting Member. A Scholarship Fund Member is elected every year for a term of three years.

Any Affiliated Club Member is eligible to serve in the BCCGC Executive Board positions.

NOTE: To view the responsibilities for each position, click on the linked titles in the table below.

PresidentVACANT2021 - 2023
First Vice-PresidentCindy Tataryn2020 - 2022
Second Vice-PresidentVACANT2021 - 2023
SecretaryPam Robertson2021 - 2023
TreasurerAnn Peters2020 - 2022
Communications CoordinatorLynda Pasacreta2020 - 2022
Immediate Past PresidentVACANT
Membership ChairLorna Herchenson
SF Committee ChairShonagh MacRae2020 - 2023
STF Committee MemberPatty Molnar2021 - 2024
STF Committee MemberAnita Irani2022 - 2025

The Board is assisted by Committees of Volunteers. Each committee has a chairperson and their committee is responsible for specific areas. Learn more on the Volunteer Committees page.

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