Terms of Reference: TREASURER


The Treasurer is elected in even numbered years for a two-year term. The Treasurer may stand for multiple terms.


The Treasurer of the BC Council of Garden Clubs will:

  • Maintain the financial accounts of the Council in good standing;
  • Prepare an annual budget and ensure approval by the membership;
  • Monitor the expenses of the Council to remain within the approved budget;
  • Ensure the Council remains in good standing with the insurance provider;
  • Participate in the Membership and Liability Insurance Committee; and,
  • Uphold the current Constitution.


The Treasurer has the responsibility to:

  • Accept and deposit monies received by the Council for membership dues, liability insurance, registration fees and any other fees or payments; and issue receipts as required;
  • Ensure liability insurance monies received are remitted to the insurance provider;
  • Arrange to pay for approved expenses incurred by the Council in a timely manner;
  • Maintain adequate supporting documentation for expenses;
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements;
  • Make all records available for the annual financial review to be conducted and presented at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Request input, as required, from the members of the Executive and chairpersons of Committees for the preparation of financial forecasts and budgets;
  • Based on the input received, propose an annual budget for the Council’s next year’s activities for discussion and acceptance by the Executive, and then submit for review and approval by the membership at the fall General Meeting;
  • Participate in Executive meetings and provide activity reports plus any financial information required in support of the agenda;
  • Provide quarterly statements of expenditures to the Executive;
  • Monitor Term Deposits and renew in a timely and appropriate manner; and,
  • If the Chairperson of the Membership and Liability Insurance Committee of BCCGC is not a member of the BCCGC Executive, provide oversight of the Committee.