The Nominations Committee comprises of at least two volunteers who are responsible for gathering the names of candidates for the various Board positions. The Committee is also responsible for conducting the elections at the Annual General Meeting of the BC Council of Garden Clubs which is held in March of each year.


Item 5: A Nominations Committee to seek candidates for the Executive Board shall be formed by the Executive Board no later than five months prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  • The Executive Board shall appoint a Chairperson who is not a member of the current Executive Board
  • The appointed Chairperson shall recruit up to three additional members to form the Committee.
  • Committee members are subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
  • The Nominations Committee will appoint one of the committee members to conduct the elections at the Annual General Meeting.


  • Gather the names of candidates for the available Board positions as submitted by interested individuals.
  • If someone suggests a possible candidate, the Committee should contact that person to confirm whether or not they would be interested in running.
  • Should someone be interested in running, but are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting, the Committee should obtain a written letter from them stating their willingness to run for the position.
  • The Committee should ensure that appropriate ‘ads’ are included in The Bulletin, Bulletin Express and FaceBook pages by ensuring that the Bulletin Editor and the Webmaster receive the information in timely manner for publication.
  • At the Annual General Meeting, a Committee member will conduct the election for the Board positions.
  • The Committee Chair is not required to attend any of the Board meetings, but they are expected to provide a report to the Committee’s Board Liaison regarding their activities to date. The Committee’s Board Liaison will not be an incumbent for any position being elected.

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