A Reminder

When a club or individual donates to the BCCGC Scholarship Fund this money is pooled and invested with Vancity Investment Management. As of December 31, 2020, Vancity Community Foundation funds had earned an average of 8.11% (after fees) since inception in 1999. Whilst we can’t predict the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on this pattern we do know that students will need our help more than ever.

Here’s How You Can Donate

  • You can go online to the Vancity Community Foundation and make your donation using the form provided. Tax receipts will be provided by the Foundation for amounts of $20 or more.
  • If you are a Vancity Member, you can donate directly from your Vancity VISA or personal account. The information for this is on your personal banking page.
  • If you prefer, you may mail a cheque to the Scholarship Fund Committee. The Vancity Community Foundation will issue receipts for donations of $20 or more.
  • Many clubs prefer to present their donation cheques to the Scholarship Fund Committee at the AGM or the Fall Meeting of the BCCGC.

Our mailing address is:

BC Council of Garden Clubs Scholarship Fund
BC Council of Garden Clubs
c/o: 10952 McAdam Road
Delta, B.C. V4C 3E8

Please ensure that the cheques are made out to the “Vancity Community Foundation” and the memo field shows “BC Council of Garden Clubs.” If the person or organization that the donation is from does not clearly show on the cheque, please include a brief note with the cheque indicating who the donation is from and a return address.

For more information, please feel free to email us .

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