Scholarship Report

The 2023-2024 Scholarship Trustees, Patty Molnar (Chairperson), Anita Irani  and Betty Girard will address several objectives this year:

  • Liaise with the educational institutions receiving the annual scholarship funds in order to continue streamlining communication and the exchange of information. A profile of each BCCGC award at each institution was prepared and an annual end-of-year report from the institutions will be completed.  A review will be made of the programs offered by the various institutions.  Currently students have received over $12,000 total in gifts from the scholarship fund this year.
  • Contact students who have received scholarship monies, obtaining feedback about their horticultural learning experience and career objectives.  This information is shared with the BCCGC.
  • Foster contact between BCCGC’s member clubs, particularly those who have donated to the Scholarship Fund, and those academic institutions and students who are recipients of BCCGC scholarships and bursaries.

Regarding the final objective, we are continuing a fundraising drive for the 80th anniversary of the BCCGC to build the fund further and raise awareness of the fund within member clubs. We are asking each member club to donate $80 towards the fund as we celebrate 80 years of supporting gardeners across the province.  Many clubs, groups and individuals have stepped up to help achieve and surpass this objective.

It is truly a pleasure learning about and supporting students as they dedicate themselves to a career in horticulture. I look forward to hearing from members with their comments or suggestions and particularly if they would be interested in serving with the Scholarship Fund Committee.

Patty Molnar,

Chairperson, Scholarship Fund Committee