Add An Event

All members of the BCCGC may add garden-related events for free.

Outside vendors and organizations may add one event with the purchase of a newsletter ad or pay $30 to list an event. Contact for more information.

To add a new event fill out the registration form via the button below.

In your event, please be sure to include:

  • Event Name
    • Should tell people about your event. e.g. ‘My Garden Club’s Spring Sale’ rather than just ‘Spring Sale’
  • Event Location or Online (Zoom etc.)
  • Price (if applicable)
  • Contact Info
  • Club Name
  • Event Image/Poster (if available)
    • Image Limits: Max File Size: 500 kB, Width: 50-1000 px, Height: 50-1000 px
    • Please note: PDF files are not images, they must be converted/exported as a JPG, JPEG or PNG first.
    • Ensure any images used are copyright free or public domain or your own images. You can use images from non-copyrighted image repositories such as UnSplash, Pixabay, etc. Please follow any attribution requirements from these sites.
  • Website Link (if applicable)
  • Any other important details about your event

Your event will be reviewed for appropriateness and may be edited or rejected consistent with event posting standards prior to posting. Contact for more information.

If you are having difficulty adding your event to the calendar, please email .