Judging Standards

BC Council of Garden Clubs is responsible for the training and accreditation of judges for both Horticulture and Floral Design. BCCGC provides Horticultural Judging courses and Floral Design Judging courses for the accreditation of new judges as well as the updating of current judges throughout the province of BC. We provide Judges for Club Events, Shows and Meetings as well as Community Events such as Fairs and Exhibitions.

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We are responsible for maintaining the BCCGC Horticulture Judging and Exhibiting Standards Manual and the BCCGC Floral Design Judging and Exhibiting Standards Manual.  These manuals are suitable for club members and exhibitors as well as Judges.

BCCGC also teaches Flower Arranging workshops, each level has seven hands-on workshops:

Level 1 – Introduction to Traditional Designs
Level 2 – Introduction to Contemporary Designs
Level 3 – 4 – Beginner Contemporary Designs
Level 5 – 7 – Advanced Contemporary Designs

These workshops are required for future Floral Design Judges.

Contact: Cindy Tatryn


Horticultural Judges Course

Floral Design Judges Course


Flower Arranging Workshops

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