Notice of Motions – 2016 AGM

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2016 and there are several items that will be on the agenda.

There are two amendments that will be made. The Notice of Motions were presented at the Fall Meeting according to our Constitution. They were also published in the Nov/Dec issue of the Bulletin and links will be provided to the Motions via FaceBook and the Bulletin Express.

Members are requested to review these motions and provide any input – pro or con. Comments can be made on the webpage for each motion.

Specifically the two motions are:

Amendment #4 –

which deals with the position of Immediate Past President. Currently the Past President is a member of the board until the a new president is elected. The President may run for two consecutive 2 year terms which could be 4 years. Then the outgoing President is faced with an additional possible 4 years. This could mean 8 years of total service. The Past President is not a position you can resign from so the responsibility remains whether you’re up for it or not. This amendment limits the term for the Immediate Past President to 2 years as a Board member.

Amendment #5 –

deals with the current board position designated as Director (Bulletin Editor). We have been without an elected Bulletin Editor for over a year. The Board has appointed Beth MacLaren to that position and are very grateful that she has agreed to edit the newsletter. However Beth made it clear that she would not be able to attend Board Meetings or act as a Board Member as outlined in our Constitution. This led the Board to review this position. Since the Board now communicates with the membership using a number of different media – the website, FaceBook, the Bulletin Express (email), it was felt that the Board position should be one that could coordinate all these aspects and ensure that the same information was being distributed to our membership in a timely manner. This does not mean that this person should do all these different facets, but rather ensure that these are done by a number of individuals who would be responsible for each of these communications form. It would mean that we need to find volunteers for webmaster, Facebook moderator, Bulletin editor, Bulletin Express editor. It is too much for one person to do. So the amendment removes the words “Bulletin Editor” and changes the name of this position to “Communications Coordinator”.

Click on the above links to review the motions as proposed and please add your comments regarding these motions. At the AGM there will be time for debate on these amendments before the delegates vote.

Also we will be having elections for a number of board positions. We are seeking nominations for the following positions – First Vice-President, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor (see Amendment #5 to a possible change in responsibility), and Scholarship Trust Committee. Click on the links to review the Terms of Reference for these positions. If you or someone you know is interested in standing for any of these positions, please email