Scholarship Fund

Helping Horticulture Students in British Columbia

This Scholarship Trust Fund Committee is governed by its own Constitution. There are three members one of whom is elected each year to a three year term.

The BC Council of Garden Clubs’ Scholarship Trust Fund assists Canadian students resident in BC in furthering their education in horticulture in a recognized accredited college or university through the granting of scholarships and bursaries.

The capital of the fund comes from donations made by garden clubs throughout BC as well as bequests and other sources. These donations become and remain part of the capital fund. The capital fund is held and managed by the Vancity Community Foundation.

The Scholarship Trust Fund Committee is responsible for encouraging donations and for allocating the available funds to BC educational facilities for students in their horticultural programs.

How the Fund Works

Our members kindly donate funds to the Fund. There are no amounts too small to make a big difference to assist in the pursuit of a career in horticulture for our recipients.

The funds are held with the Vancity Community Foundation as a Donor Advised Fund. This means that the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee decides on the award levels and distribution of available funds each year. Under current Revenue Canada rules, we are required to distribute at least 4% of the value of the fund each year. For the year 2018, $10,600 was distributed to colleges and universities throughout BC.

Scholarship Trust Fund Committee

Brenda Woosnam, the chairperson of the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee, has been a member of the South Surrey Garden Club for 15 years. Over the past few years, she has had the opportunity to attend BCCGC meetings and has been impressed with the potential of the organization to be a strong voice in speaking for and educating gardeners. This is her second year on the Committee. She is a neighbour and keen supporter of Darts Hill Garden Park.

Karen Hasselfelt is a member of the New Westminster Horticultural Society. She brings a wealth of experience to the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee from her work as a senior grants planner with the City of Vancouver for 17 years. She led many of the City’s grant programs, which distributed over $10 million annually to non-profit arts, heritage and cultural organizations in Vancouver. Karen has been active in her own community as a member of the New Westminster Heritage Commission and the Queen’s Park Residents Association. She is particularly interested in the history and culture of gardens, as well as the medicinal and healing properties of plants.

Lucretia (Lu) Schanfarber is a dedicated organic gardener and author of How to Grow Your Own SuperFoods & Build Your Own SuperSoil. She worked as a marketing executive in the natural health products industry for 30 years. Lu combines her expertise in natural healing with her skills as an organic gardener to teach people of all ages to create edible perennial landscapes. Lu lives on Quadra Island where she is past-president of Quadra Island Garden Club and a founding member of the Cortes Island Garden Club.

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The Scholarship Trust Fund Committee

Brenda Woosnam (Chair)
Lucretia Schanfarber
Karen Hasselfelt