Scholarship Fund


The BC Council of Garden Clubs’ Scholarship Trust Fund assists Canadian students resident in BC in furthering their education in horticulture in a recognized accredited college or university through the granting of scholarships and bursaries.

The capital of the fund comes from donations made by garden clubs throughout BC as well as bequests and other sources. These donations become and remain part of the capital fund. The capital fund is held and managed by the Vancity Community Foundation.

The Scholarship Trust Fund Committee is responsible for encouraging donations and for allocating the available funds to BC educational facilities for students in their horticultural-related programs.


Our members kindly donate funds to the Scholarship Trust Fund.

The funds are held with the Vancity Community Foundation as a Donor Advised Fund. This means that the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee decides on the award levels and distribution of available funds each year. VCF recommends the distribution of 4% of the value of the fund each year. For the year 2021, $13,050 will be distributed to colleges and universities throughout BC.


Anne Sprung, the chairperson of the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee, has been gardening for decades. She is a Master Gardener and, as she is fascinated by seeds, helps to run the Ocean Park Seed Library. She is a member of South Surrey Garden Club, Hardy Plant Group, and the Alpine Garden Club where she assists with the seed exchange. Darts Hill Garden Park has benefitted from Anne’s many roles over the past 15 years, including as membership chairperson, board member, and currently as propagator and guide. She understands that plants and horticultural knowledge take time to grow. She is delighted to assist with funding the future of gardening in BC.

Shonagh MacRae, has been a member of the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee since 2020. Attracted to the garden from a young age, Shonagh’s earliest memories are making snapdragons roar and watching her dad hard prune their roses. This early start led to a lifelong love of anything to do with plants. She is certified in aromatherapy and horticulture therapy and spent a few years volunteering with VanDusen Botanical Garden as a TA. Her membership in garden clubs began with the Shade Garden Society and, once she moved out to Surrey, the South Surrey Garden Club. She became a Master Gardener in 2016 and helps to organize their monthly Speaker Series. She is excited to support future horticulturists as they also pursue their passion with plants!

Patty Molnar is the newest member of the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee, joining in 2021. Patty Molnar joined the BCCGC Scholarship Trust Fund Committee while in her second term as president of the North Surrey Horticultural Society. She has enjoyed a lifelong relationship with gardening, starting with an elementary school science project in growing vegetables. After gaining a B.A. at UBC, she later balanced her working years in an office job with an interest in gardening, and has always believed in the worth of learning more. As a mature student she earned a Diploma in Horticulture through part-time studies at Surrey College, and encourages anyone who wishes to pursue an education in the horticultural field. She hopes her time with the Scholarship Trust Fund Committee will provide support and value to those seeking a career in horticulture. In the meantime, she will be out singing in the garden as she is a member of a choir and hopes that someone has done studies to confirm with scientific evidence that this is beneficial to plants.


The BC Council of Garden Clubs Scholarship Fund Committee will be seeking a new member for this three-person committee when Anne Sprung completes her term in April 2022.

The committee meets approximately eight times a year and is charged with the administration of the Scholarship Trust Fund, including maintaining contact with: educational institutions receiving awards from the STF; Vancity Community Foundation, which administers the funds; clubs, individuals, and associations that donate to the fund; as well as with students receiving awards.

A familiarity with administrative practices, good computer skills, and a willingness to work with others are assets that are needed. Knowledge of non-profits, streamlining processes, or fundraising would also be beneficial.

If this is of interest to you and you would like more information, Anne Sprung, the STF’s current chairperson, would be delighted to hear from you.

For more information on the Scholarship Trust Fund, please feel free to email us .



The Scholarship Trust Fund Committee

Anne Sprung (chair)
Shonagh MacRae
Patty Molnar