Scholarship Report

The 2019-2020 Scholarship Trustees, Brenda Woosnam (Chair), Karen Hasselfelt, and Anne Sprung, plan to address three objectives this year:

  • Liaise with the educational institutions receiving the annual scholarship funds in order to streamline communication and the exchange of information.
  • Contact students who have received scholarship monies, obtaining feedback about their horticultural learning experience and career objectives.
  • Foster contact between BCCGC’s member clubs, particularly those who have donated to the STF, and those academic institutions and students who are recipients of BCCGC scholarships and bursaries.

The funds of the STF are currently managed by Vancity Community Foundation (VCF). Two trustees and the Council’s past president, Lorna Fraser, had a productive meeting with VCF’s Donor Services staff in October 2019 and were satisfied that the STF is being appropriately administered in a manner consistent with the fund’s objectives. According to the mandate of VCF, the current investment is well sheltered and the management of the fund will be consistent regardless of the rotation of Trustee members. More information about VCF is on their website.

To donate now, see BCCGC Scholarship Giving. I look forward to reporting to you on our progress and welcome any suggestions you may have. Please contact me at

Download the most recent scholarship report:
2019 Scholarship Report at the April AGM

Brenda Woosnam,

Chairperson, Scholarship Trust Fund

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