Organizing a Show

As printed in A Guide to Organizing Flower Shows for Garden Clubs (PDF) by Ruth McLeod
(Copyright 1995, Revised 2017, Published by Glen McLeod)


I have belonged to garden clubs for several years. I enjoy the social interaction and the involvement with people interested in growing plants and flowers. When I became interested in exhibiting, it was almost impossible to find out the rules – how to decide what makes a good entry – what do all the terms mean – where do I find this information?

After I had exhibited for a few years, I attended a Horticulture Judging Course offered through the B.C. Council of Garden Clubs. I was interested in learning more about exhibiting, but I was uncertain about the Judging – I gave it a try – most of the students were as hesitant as I was. The course lasted two growing seasons. Completing the course was great – the knowledge I gained can never be measured by time or effort. I not only learned what the judging of Horticulture was all about, but how to grow and exhibit for myself.

A few years later, a Judging Course in Floral Design was offered, so once again I registered for the course. I was now involved in judging at Garden Club Parlour Shows, and it was an asset to be qualified to do Judging in Design as well as in Horticulture.


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