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The BC Council of Garden Clubs has compiled a list of speakers who are willing to speak to garden clubs and organizations on various garden related topics.

While this list is fairly comprehensive, it does not contain all the names of knowledgeable speakers in BC. If you would like to suggest a name for this list or if you wish to have your name added to this list, please email 1vicepresident@bcgardenclubs.com.

Please note the following:

  • The BC Council of Garden Clubs does not accept any responsibility for the quality or the content of any presentation by these individuals.
  • It is the responsibility of the gardening organization to negotiate the terms of the presentation with the speaker (including topic, travel and expenses, fees, etc.)
  • Fees listed are provided as guideline and are subject to change at the discretion of the speaker without notice to the Council.
  • Please click on a speaker name from the table below for more detail.
NameLucretia Schanfarber
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Phone(250) 285-2213
General Topics
  • Fruits, Fruit Trees
  • Vegetables
  • Container Gardening, Small Space Gardening
  • Herbs, growing and using
  • Special Interest Plants
  • Healthy soil, fertilizers, soil amendments, etc.
Specialty Plants
  • Superfood Edible Landscapes featuring berries, figs, herbs, healing plants
Sample topics
  • "Grow Your Own SuperFoods & Build Your Own SuperSoil!"
Speaker Profile

Lucretia Schanfarber is a dedicated organic gardener, motivational speaker and writer. Her mission is to motivate and teach people to Cultivate Edible Landscapes & Superfood Gardens while Building Soil Health & Fertility. She has worked as a writer for "alive magazine," Canada's most popular health magazine and as a contributing editor to the award-winning "Encyclopedia of Natural Healing." Lucretia's simple message is: "We will all live longer, healthier and happier lives when we grow more of our own food & work together to build a lasting culture of organic gardening communities." She creatively blends her expertise in natural healing and organic gardening to deliver an entertaining, educational and uplifting presentation. Her upcoming mini-books "How to Grow Your Own SuperFoods" and “How to Build Your Own SuperSoil" will be available in November 2015.

Speaker's Fee$100 - $250