Speaker Directory

The BC Council of Garden Clubs has compiled a list of speakers who are willing to speak to garden clubs and organizations on various garden related topics.

While this list is fairly comprehensive, it does not contain all the names of knowledgeable speakers in BC. If you would like to suggest a name for this list or if you wish to have your name added to this list, please email 1vicepresident@bcgardenclubs.com.

Please note the following:

  • The BC Council of Garden Clubs does not accept any responsibility for the quality or the content of any presentation by these individuals.
  • It is the responsibility of the gardening organization to negotiate the terms of the presentation with the speaker (including topic, travel and expenses, fees, etc.)
  • Fees listed are provided as guideline and are subject to change at the discretion of the speaker without notice to the Council.
  • Please click on a speaker name from the table below for more detail.
NameDr Carole Christopher
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Phone(604) 224-7322
General Topics
  • Vegetables
  • Container Gardening, Small Space Gardening
  • Herbs, growing and using
  • Healthy soil, fertilizers, soil amendments, etc.
Specialty Plants
  • Vegetable and herb gardening in small urban plots or in containers
Sample topics
  • There are several. I've recently given a talk to Master Gardeners and to Seed to Sky Gardening Club on Vegetable Gardening in small plots and containers. It was well received in both locations.
Speaker Profile

I've been vegetable gardening for nearly 35 years. I'm a director of SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (Canada's oldest environmental organization - celebrating 45 years of community education and activism) I am on the board and chair the Food Committee. I do all my public outreach under the umbrella of SPEC and ask for an honorarium that goes towards their work. Through SPEC, I've taught many different kinds of gardening classes. www.spec.bc.ca I have a doctorate in Nutrition and am a past chair of the Vancouver Food Policy Council, an advisory committee to City Council on matters related to food security. Through that, as well as through work with SPEC I have broad knowledge of policy matters as it pertains to urban agriculture, including community gardens, and through that have experience with policy matters related to various issues on urban gardening/agriculture. I have a broad knowledge base on the importance of protection of farm land and in equipping urban dwellers on skills of food growing as a means of mitigating the growing crisis in climate system break-down.

Speaker's Fee$50 - $100