THE 2016 MARCH/APRIL ISSUE WILL BE THE LAST BULLETIN published by the BC Council of Garden Clubs.

After a careful review of The Bulletin, its costs, and the resources required to publish, the Board has decided to terminate the publication in favour of using this website and social media to connect on an ongoing and more timely basis with our membership.

The BC Council of Garden Clubs Bulletin is published six times a year and distributed to all affiliated member clubs who are encouraged to share the The Bulletin with their members.  Many clubs email a copy of the Bulletin to their membership.


The Bulletin Express

The Bulletin Express will be used to advise Affiliated Clubs, the Clubs’ Council Liaisons and Delegates as well as interested parties of any time sensitive issues.  These notifications will contain links to the appropriate webpages for more detailed information.  As with The Bulletin, the Bulletin Express subscription list is not shared with anyone or any other organization.

Just complete the subscription form to sign up to receive The Bulletin Express directly to your inbox.  Anyone who is interested in receiving periodic information from the BC Council of Garden Clubs may sign up.


The Council has a Facebook page which we invite you to follow for regular updates on the Council as well as member garden clubs.

Bulletin Issues

Copies of previous issues will continue to be available and may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links.  Not all our issues are currently available, but we are tracking down previous copies to include.  If you have a copy that is not listed here, we would appreciate you’re sending a copy to us at newsletter@bcgardenclubs.com so we can add it to our list.

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