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Opening the meeting

Council Reports

Guest Speaker Karen June Myskiew

2 Great volunteers - Beth & Audrey

Checking in at the Draw Table

The World Famous Draw Table


Shade Society's vendor table

Vendor Table

Guest Speaker Joshua Yu

Joshua Yu's butterfly display

Setting up the Draw Table

Another great volunteer at the Draw Table

Checking in Prizes at the Draw Table

vendors at work


Guest Speaker Steve Whysall

One of the table centerpieces

The Draw Table

The world famous Draw Table


The Fall Meeting took place on October 24, 2015 at the Firefighters’ Banquet and Conference Center on 6515 Bonsor Avenue in Burnaby.

And once again, we have a very informative and entertaining day planned.

Guest Speakers:

Steve Whysall:

A well-known garden columnist for the Vancouver Sun for the last 25 years, author and international garden guide.  Steve took us on a world tour of some very exceptional gardens.  He grouped them in some interesting categories – The Romantic Gardens, Gardens built for a purpose, Gardens that changed the world and other.  The stories behind some of these fantastic gardens were enlightening and quite entertaining.

Joshua Yu: 

A young and passionate butterfly breeder who has been responsible for the release of hundreds of butterflies in the Lower Mainland.  He brought some special guests for us to meet. It was so inspiring to listen to this young person who is still in high school and to realize that the love of gardens and nature still inspires the youth of today.

Karen June Myskiw: 

An artist, designer and educator who focuses on ecological gardening and local foods. Karen shared her experience of vegetable gardening in urban spaces and showed methods of making the best use of vertical spaces as well as offering suggestions for the best fruits and vegetables to grow in small spaces.

Notice of Motions:

There were two Notice of Motions presented that will be made at the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Amendment #4 affects the position of the Past President, and Amendment #5 the position of the Bulletin Editor. Delegates were asked to present these changes to their members for discussion and input. There will be ample opportunity to debate these motions at the 2016 AGM.

It is hoped that all members will have an opportunity to review these motions and provide input. Comments can be left on the above webpages.


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