The Secretary is elected in odd numbered years for a term of two years.  The Secretary may stand for multiple terms.


The Secretary of the BC Council of Garden Clubs has the responsibility of:

  1. Facilitating, in consultation with the President, notification of meetings, development agendas, meeting space, and related activities
  2. Recording and maintaining records of the activities of the Council.
  3. Oversees membership and Council Members Liability Insurance.
  4. Upholding the current Constitution.
  5. Supporting Council members


The Secretary has the responsibility to:

  • Facilitate, in consultation with the President, notification of meetings, preparation and distribution of agenda items.
  • Ensure arrangement for meetings are met (booking the space and ensuring payment by the Treasurer).
  • Prepare accurate, complete minutes of Executive Board Meetings and BC Council of Garden Clubs’ Meetings, to include, but not limited to:
    • Date and time of meeting, form and venue, present and absent Executive Board members, confirmation of quorum
    • Record of all decisions taken, brief summary of all issues discussed and any directives or authorizations given by the Board, or a Committee, or the members.
    • Record whether resolutions were unanimous or include dissents. Election results should be noted.
  • Retain and safeguard the official Board and Committee Minute Books and Corporate documents.
  • Oversee Membership records including ensuring payments are received and records updated as required.
  • Attend Board Executive meetings and provide regular reports to the board
  • Submit an Secretary’s annual budget to the Treasurer for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Provide a report to the members at the Annual General Meeting