Vibrant Daylily
WINNER: Leahann Mohle Shuswap Garden Club: This unnamed daylily exhibits such a vibrant colour against its foliage - one of the last of summer

Bees & Crocus
WINNER: Leahann Mohle Shuswap Garden Club: Celebrating the first days of spring, these sunny crocuses are hosts to honeybees from the neighbouring apple orchard

Rufous Hummingbird
WINNER: Trisha Lees PoCo Garden Club: June 28, 2015 I was taking morning pictures of my garden, a Rufous hummingbird flew in to feast and rest on a Crocosmia 'Lucifer'. I as able to take quite a few photos as he was in no hurry to leave.

Flowering Dogwood
WINNER: Leslie Stowell Vancouver Fuchsia & Begonia Club: This is a photo of our dogwood tree. My Mum planted it 23 years ago when the tree was about 6' high. Now it is taller than our 2 story house. It bloomed beautifully this year!!

Ladysmith Pool
WINNER: Pam Fraser Ladysmith Saltaire Garden Club: I have always wanted a pond and when we moved to Ladysmith we were fortunate enough to find a house with a pond already built, plus mature landscaping. This view is from my favourite lunch spot. Because our back yard is sheltered I'm able to sit and enjoy the pond and fish pretty much year round whenever we have a sunny day.

Jyl Tuck Hope Garden Club Thought I'd go for my farourite, the unusual Arisaema instead of the standard pretty.

Brugmansia - Angel's Exotic
Nathan Gurvich South Surrey Garden Club I am a passionate grower of Brugmansia. Here is one of the more beautiful cultivars blooming in early September - Angel's Exotic

Brugmansia - Angels Goldface
Nathan Gurvich South Surrey Garden Club Brugmansia 'Angels Goldface' has a wonderful willingness to produce an abundance of blooms.

Peace Rose Bud
Gillian Roberts South Surrey Garden Club Peace Rose bud from one of the rose bushes that came with our house. We have nurtured it for 20 years and it rewards us with this beauty every year. Best investment ever!

Peace Rose Bud
Gillian Roberts South Surrey Garden Club This is a bud from my Peace Rose. The plant has been in my garden for over 20 years and the roses always amaze me each year.

Tiger Lilies & Delphiniums
Holly Pender-Love Canadian Peony Society Tiger lilies with dark blue delphiniums, east light with shadows on wall.


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Yellow Rose
Dawn Mckersie BC/Yukon Peony Castlegar This picture was taken on the Oregon Coast trip my husband and I took in 2012 for our birthdays. We were in Napa California for a Hot Air Balloon ride.

Mandshurika Clematis
Holly Pender-Love Canadian Peony Society Fragrant Mandshurika clematis in sunlight

Vibrant Colour
Dawn McKersie BC/Yukon Peony Castlegar I couldn't resist taking this picture I love the vibrant colors.

Tomato Hothouse
Wayne Smith Deep Cove Garden Club This photo is taken on my sun deck and shows the amazing tomato crop I got this year 2015. The sun blazed bright this summer perfect weather for growing tomatoes. I watered them steady with a drip tube from a large garbage bin. I feed them a little fertilizer In the water. Today I am freezing bags of tomatoes and canning the rest for soups and stews this winter. This is the best crop I ever got after more than forty years of trying to grow tomatoes. Next year I will plant them the same way and hope for the best weather.

A big thank you to those who submitted entries for our First Ever Photo Contest.

Our winners received a $25 gift certificate from Lee Valley.