Membership shall be open to all horticulture and Floral Arts and Design organizations in British Columbia.  They shall be known as “Affiliated Club Members” (ACM).

This includes garden clubs, floral art clubs, community gardens, allotment gardens, friends of the gardens groups.  If you are not sure if your group qualifies for membership, please contact for clarification.

To become a member, complete the affiliation member form and the Affiliation and Insurance fees Form.  The applications will be reviewed and on approval, the organization’s details will be added to the website.

Affiliation Fee

The annual affiliated member fee is $35 per year (January 1 to December 31).  Fees are not pro-rated.

Affiliation renewal notices are sent out to existing member clubs at the beginning of September along with any notification of changes in fees.

Fees changes are submitted to the membership at the Annual General Meeting in March  and take effect the following January.

To have a vote at the BC Council of Garden Clubs at the AGM or the Fall meeting, an organization must be in good standing at the time of the meeting.

Liability Insurance Fee

The basic Liability Insurance fee is 1.00 per member per year and is optional.  An affiliated member does not need to purchase this insurance if their needs are being met elsewhere, or if the organization feels it does not require it.

Liability Insurance coverage is for the period March 1 – to March 1.  Fees are not pro-rated.

If you are meeting in public venues (church hall, community center, etc.) it is a good idea to check with the facility regarding their requirement for insurance.

Many venues may request a “certificate of insurance” before allowing large gatherings to be held (plant sales, plant shows, etc).  This is a certificate issued by the insurer naming the facility for the duration of the event.  These certificates can be requested by sending a request to  The insurer requires that membership in good standing be verified by the Council before they will issue the certificate.  There is no charge for this service.

Community and allotment gardens, because of their unique additional risks, are subject to a surcharge which is based on the size of the garden.  This surcharge is in addition to the basic liability insurance fee.

An additional  $2 Million of insurance coverage is available.  Please contact for information.

The terms of the liability insurance policy can be viewed here.  view_pdf