NOTICE OF MOTION – Amendment #5

The following Notice of Motion will be presented at the 2016 Fall Meeting of the BC Council of Garden Clubs to be held on October 15, 2016.

As outlined in our Constitution, the Board is providing the Notice of Motion at the 2016 Fall Meeting to provide Affiliated Club Members (ACM) sufficient time to review and discuss these proposed changes with their members, request additional information if necessary and to provide feedback to the Board for consideration.

This proposed amendment will be presented at the 2017 Annual General Meeting and will be open for discussion and amendments prior to the final vote.

This amendment is a result of the general discussion initiated by the attending members at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.  The membership directed the Board to draft a motion to change the quorum.



  1. Twenty percent (20%) of the ACM’s shall constitute a quorum at the AGM and at any general meeting.



It is proposed that the percentage by changed to Fifteen percent (15%).  If accepted, the article in question would read as follows:


  1. Fifteen percent (15%) of the ACM in good standing shall constitute a quorum at the AGM and at any general meeting.



We have seen an increase in the number of community and allotment gardens who have become members of the BC Council of Garden Clubs.  It has been noticed that few of these members attend the meetings.  It would appear that their primary reason for being members is to participate in the General Liability Insurance that is available through the Council.  Currently these organizations represent approximately 30% of our membership.

This impacts considerably on our operations in terms of establishing a quorum.  When organizations that are outside the Lower Mainland and who do not traditionally attend the Council’s meeting are factored in, we find that we are in danger of not being able to attain a quorum. Without a quorum the business of the Council is not able to proceed.

Historically, we have had 30 to 35 ACMs present at the Council meetings.  These ACMs have a vote. We have also had up to 150 people present, all who have voice.  This has provided a wide variety of opinions and suggestions which we believe accurately portrays the concerns of the garden clubs and organizations throughout BC.

Our current membership stands at 194 ACM.  At our current quorum, we would require 39 of these present at our meetings to establish a quorum. For the 2016 AGM (our membership was lower at that time), we barely established our quorum (we have 2 over the required number).

This fact generated a discussion initiated from the floor on the impact of not establishing a quorum for AGM. Failure to establish a quorum would mean that no business requiring a vote could be conducted, and new meeting would need to be called.  This would result in additional costs. After some discussion, the members instructed the Board to examine the quorum and to proceed with reducing to the quorum to a reasonable and prudent level.

The board assumed a membership of 200 ACM.  At the current 20% quorum requirement, 40 clubs would need to send delegates; at the proposed 15% requirement, this would require the attendance of 30 ACM’s  to establish a quorum.  Based on our current 194 members, 29 ACM’s would be required.

Download a copy of the proposed amendment