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On 17 April 2019, I had the pleasure of attending, on behalf of BCCGC, the Scholarships and Awards Celebration for the School of Horticulture at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. KPU brought together donors, student recipients and KPU representatives. It was an impressive event with many teaching and administrative staff in attendance to honour student achievement and acknowledge donors.

This year, the BC Council of Garden Clubs sponsored three scholarships of $1,000 for students in the Horticulture Diploma program at KPU. The awards went to Ewan Cadsand, Luke Caughlan and Jason Morgan. As you see in the above photo, two of the recipients were present on the 17th, Jason on the left and Ewan on the right. It was a delight to speak to these two young men about their plans for the future. Excerpts from their letters of thanks follow.

Jason wrote: “I am writing to express my deep gratitude for …BC Council of Garden Clubs annual scholarship. As a student coming to the end of his education at KPU, a lot of hard work has gone into this achievement. …It is great knowing there are organizations such as yours that respect and reward hard work…I am excited to put this award to good use. In approximately one year I will be continuing my education, upgrading my diploma to a bachelor’s degree.”

Ewan wrote: “I am very honoured to be the recipient of the BCCGC Award. This award plays a tremendous part in allowing me to further my education so that I am able to achieve my goals.

Because there is a lack of interest from my generation in physical/outdoor work, and because the average age of farmers in BC is over 50, there is an enormous opportunity for us in the horticulture program at KPU. After only 4 months of studies I landed my first horticulture job at an organic garlic farm and after a school field trip last year I was offered an additional part-time job at a propagation greenhouse. It can be difficult going to school and working but it was positive for me because my jobs complemented my studies and I learned important lessons.

I am currently working with my girlfriend to establish a diverse urban farm. Our plans include growing specialty cut flowers, salad greens, tomatoes, root crops as well as gourmet mushrooms or mushroom growing kits. We will be selling through a community supported agriculture program as well as at farmers’ markets. It is important to us that we play a part in localizing our food system. “

Best of luck to all of them!!
Submitted by Brenda Woosnam,
Chairperson, Scholarship Trust Fund Committee

Educational Institutions

We continue to focus on connecting with scholarship and award departments to ensure our funds are distributed to qualifying students. This is the up-to-date list of grants distributed to educational institutions in BC. If your institution would like to apply for a grant, please contact our Scholarship Committee.

Simon Fraser University
(Mildred Wells Scholarship)
Vancouver Island University*$800$800-$800
Horticultural Centre of the Pacific$700$700$700$800
University of British Columbia
(Rose Bancroft Scholarship)
University of British Columbia
(Horticultural Bursary)
University of the Fraser Valley$1,000$1,000$1,500$1,000
Kwantlan Polytechnic University$900$1,000$2,500$1,000
University of Northern BC$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,100
Camosun College$900$900$1,200$900
Thompson River University$900$1,000$1,000$1,100
Okanagan College*$500$500--
University of British Columbia
(Horticultural Training Program)**

* These institutions had been working with old instructions from the Scholarship Trustees. As the Trustees increased the amount of the award to the institution, the institution continued to award students the old, lower amounts. They accumulated the excess funds. The institutions have now been instructed to award these excess amounts and update to the amount of the current award. For the institutions where no scholarship amount is listed, the school had sufficient money on hand from previous STF grants to award the regular annual scholarship. Once these excess funds are awarded, the BCCGC Trustees will again send grants to these programs.

**The Scholarship Fund began awarding amounts to this program in 2018.

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